Friday, 16 August 2013

NOTD: A mermaid manicure

My first proper manicure with my new nail stamping plates! I've been experimenting with the patterns for a bit, but decided to give myself a proper manicure with them to start off my nail art adventure! 
Also, I got into Art College! I got my A Level results today and I'm finally free of my devilish school muahaha! 
Base: Barry M Gelly - Blueberry
Scales outline: Sally Hansen - Calypso Blue
Blue Glitter: Barry M - Blue Glitter
Top Coat: China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat 

This looks even better in person, and I'm actually really proud of it. I'm going to be sporting some Cruise-y nails next week when I'm off to the Baltics, and am really looking forward to creating all new designs! 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Nail art stamping plates review

I recently purchased some 'Fauxnad' (faux Konad) nail stamping plates to use in my nail art. I love painting my nails and making them look wicked, but it's really hard when your one hand dominant to get the other looking JUST as good as the other. Also, my nail art pens are really old now and I need new nail art stuff, so decided to buy some stamping plates instead of nail art pens this time around. 
I was also starting to really love Konad Addict's nail art designs and wanted to attempt some myself! 
I purchased these from Amazon at the end of last week and received the plates on Tuesday and the stamp on Wednesday. 
I chose against investing in Konad plates simply because I was unsure whether I would enjoy using this kind of product, compared to nail art pens. 
The first product I purchased from Amazon was the 2013 GALS "Princess Set" for only £8.99. This includes 25 metal stamping plates, these are much smaller than the other plates that I bought but the designs are almost the same size as on the larger plates. You can see the one I used, it has blue paint on it. 
One piece of advice for these kinds of plates is to scrub them with a bit of nail polish remover straight away! My nail polish remover isn't particularly strong which is why not all of the blue has come off the outer plate yet. But it has all been removed from the stamping design. 
The second set I purchased were the Cheeky Summer 2013 set of nail plates. In this kit you get a nicer box than the GALS set, and 26 bigger plates. I'm just waiting for the right time to start using all the Rock themed plates in this set! 
This set also comes with a little pink and white checkered mini credit card-type thing, I use this to scrape excess nail polish off of my scraper. Brilliant. 
Ironically the one thing that actually broke and really frustrated me, was Konad! I bought the Konad double sided stamp (I got this for £3.45 but it seems to have gone up a bit since then) because being a newbie at nail stamping, I decided that having both ends would be better for precision application. Also my fingernails are pretty tiny because I have tiny hands compared to the rest of the human population. The stamper (right) has a large pink end, for full nail designs on larger nails, and a small bright green end for small individual designs and full nail designs for small nails. Unfortunately after the FIRST use, the green end started to pop out of the stamper and now tries to escape me at all chances! It's a tiny green demon. 
The scraper (right) was hard to clean, probably because I didn't want to wreck my newly designed nails with polish remover, and my nail polish remover is crap. 
So over all, my Fauxnad stuff was great, my Konad stuff was baaaad, but still useable. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Glossybox - Seaside Splash! - July 2013

I am really happy with July's Glossybox, and really like the products within the box. I was a subscriber to Glossybox in the past, but slowly became unsatisfied with the products I was being sent. For some reason Glossybox kept sending me boxes and boxes full of skincare products, when on my beauty profile I'd said something along the lines of not needing skincare products. It got to a point where the boxes weren't worth my money and I unsubscribed. 
Fortunately I keep up to date with the monthly Glossyboxes, if I see a box I like the look of after the first couple of reviews have been up I'll subscribe for that month and then unsubscribe. I know you're not supposed to do that but heck, I want things in my box that I'll use, not some crappy skin products that'll break me out! 
When I saw July's Glossybox I knew I had to have it, I'm going on a cruise this month and knew that the products would be perfect. And let's all agree now that the box is 
The theme this month was 'Seaside Splash'. The box is bright teal with white Glossybox logos and bright coral starfish and a variety of coral designs across the lid and the box itself. Inside the tissue paper is white with bright orange coral and starfish and the ribbon matches the teal box, the 'worms' are white. I don't like the white 'worms' I think orange would make it look more finished/expensive, as the white just looks like paper shredding. 
The first product is a sample size of Coola mineral sunscreen, however it also claims to be tinted moisturiser. Confused? Yes. This product is specified for the face, but seems to contain 3 different types of oil so I am as of yet unsure whether I will actually use this on my face. It does however contain a LOT of natural ingredients such as cucumber, orange and acai. It has a slight golden shimmer, but this is practically unnoticeable on the skin when rubbed in. It slightly evens the skin tone when applied (due to the tinted moisturiser) but is very light coverage. It is extremely runny, and has a faint scent that smells like sunflowers mixed with cucumbers, but I strangely like this.
 This product HUGELY appealed to me when I first opened the box, first the bottle is lavender - my favourite colour, second it claims to cool down your skin, and third it's from anatomicals which is one of my favourite product companies. It is cooling but seems to make my skin tingle in a freaky kind of way, not the lip plumping lippy kind of way but the almost allergic reaction kind of way. (Glad I sprayed this on my arm first!) It is cooling and very refreshing, however the mixture of peppermint, rose, lavender, aloe and witch hazel make it smell very clinical. I think that there is too much witch hazel in this formula because that seems to be the dominant scent. I don't like the scent but like the cooling sensations, and I can't seem to find the product on anatomicals' website but would buy this product if they did it in other scents!  
 I love dry shampoo and I love coconuts, and ohmygosh! This stuff smells ah-maaazing! There's something very American about the scent, and by this I mean it smells like something I smelt a lot in America, not sure what but it smells GOOD! Unfortunately the white little spray cap that you push down to spray the product wasn't actually on the bottle to dispense product when I opened it, but after a little fumbling I managed to get it together.  I prefer this scent over my Batiste dry shampoos. I'm really happy with this and will take it on my cruise with me, it is paraben free and a generous size. 
I'm happy with this product and will probably repurchase it too. Anything that promises to give my tousled, messy looking hair I have to try out at least once and I really like this product. The scent is slightly fruity and extremely pleasing, it doesn't feel sticky on application or crusty when dry. I think that I will take this on my cruise too because it's such a convenient size compared to my other texture spray from Not Your Mother's. This stuff smells brilliant and because the product is a little thicker than products that I've used for this purpose before, I think that it definitely helps it's staying power. Plus it contains all kinds of root and stem extracts so that must be good right? (Not sciency) 
This was my favourite product of the month, hair and nail products are my favourite to receive so you can imagine why I liked this box so much. Two brilliant hair products and then CIATE nail polish! I received the colour 'The Glossip'. I've wanted to Ciate polish for ages but just never got around to ordering any. My mind has been blown by this polish's formula. I don't particularly like creme finishes but really like the thinner gelly finish that you can find in some polishes. This polish has that amazing gelly finish, although it's described as creme on the website and stayed on my nails for five days with a little tip wear and minor chipping - no top coat. On the right is a little Hanna Marin inspired manicure that I had last week, I used Ciate 'The Glossip' and NYC 'Lexington Yellow'. 

I really did like the contents of this Glossybox as I can pass on the first two products and will definitely be using the dry shampoo, tousle spray and nail polish, in the future! 

Monday, 5 August 2013

Tea at the Berkeley

Last week I went to the Berkeley for afternoon tea with my Mum and some of her friends as well as my auntie. It was so much fun, and I had a really great day! I wanted to share a quick few pictures with you guys, if you're looking for something special to do up in London I'd definitely recommend tea at the Berkeley. The Berkeley feels so much less formal than the Ritz, but everyone's still dressed up for afternoon tea, it really is lovely. 
The top picture is my hot chocolate that they served me (I don't actually drink tea or coffee), complete with dark chocolate Berkeley logo! 
 The tea was fashion-themed so all of the cakes/sweets/etc were based upon spring/summer designs by designers like Manolo Blahnik and Chanel. The tea cups, saucers and plates all matched the bright pink, yellow and green colour scheme. 
This is what the cake stand looked like originally, once we'd finished the centre plate they replaced it with scones, cream and jam. Once you finish something you are allowed to ask for more, and refills don't cost any extra! I ended up bringing some of the cute shoe and bikini biscuits home with me! 
 This is the top layer, there were pistachio panna cotta pots, peach and strawberry mousse pots, chocolate shoe biscuits and vanilla bikini biscuits that kinda tasted like iced gems. 
 This was my favourite layer, all the little cakes had so much detail. My favourite was the layered chocolate mousse cake with the squiggly chocolate thing on top. The squiggly chocolate tasted like kinder bueno. 
 I didn't have anything from the bottom layer, it was all savoury food. There were things like roasted vegetable tarts and chicken liver paté shaped into mushroom stalks with tiny pieces of toast as the top of the mushroom. 
These are the scones, there were plain ones and fruit ones, my favourite part of this layer was that the cream was shaped into perfect little round balls. It was cool. 
I hope you guys liked this post, I really enjoyed my day and you should totally consider doing this some time! 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Back from Orlando!

Hey guys, so I'm finally back from my vacation in Orlando and wanted to share a few pictures with you guys whilst I get to work on some YouTube vacation vlogs! 
I will probably be adding a few more pictures to this post as the week develops as there are some awesome pictures on my Dad's phone that I want to share with y'all. 
First day of Florida sun by the pool.
Peach tea at the pool cafe. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando on Universal property so the location was BRILLIANT!!!
I'm a huge rock fan, so seeing all the memorabilia around the hotel was one of my favourite parts of the entire holiday. Warrant are one of my favourite rock bands and I just couldn't cut this down to landscape or else I would've cut off the bottom - 'EAT CHERRY PIE TONIGHT!' bahaha! 
Again, another picture I couldn't bring myself to cut down to landscape. In the little elevator corridor on the ground floor they had this massive window with a LOAD of Twisted Sister memorabilia...again another of my favourite hard rock bands! You can probably tell I was walking around the hotel 'squee'-ing at everything! 
Me and Gary the snail in Universal Studios...they've built this brand new Spongebob Squarepants store hidden round a corner in Universal, it's WICKED. If you remember Spongebob, you'll remember the 'goofy goober' song, this song was on whilst we were in the store and I figured out that it was a rip off of 'I Wanna Rock' by Twisted Sister!!! Music-inception! 
Y'all should know's Hogwarts dammit! 
They sometimes have rock stars cook in The Kitchen restaurant with the chefs, this is Joan Jett's chef-ing outfit! It even has a black heart on the right for Blackheart Records. (This was the least blurry photo out of all the ones I took of this)
Front of the Hard Rock Hotel. The fountain was giant guitars...wicked.
My friend Hannah had this MASSIVE chocolate cake for her dessert at Charlie's Steakhouse...she ate it ALL! (I know)
At Sea World I had a penchant for taking pictures of baby animals, so above you can see baby Shamu at the One Ocean show in Sea World. The new show is SO much better than the last one (with the tacky wooden whale tail story) it's literally wonderful, I almost cried...such a weirdo.
We got to see a one month old baby bottlenose dolphin and it's mama. It was so cute doing little flips out of the water.
We saw manatees in the Sea World Rescue centre next to the turtle enclosure. This guy just wanted to post for a photo. 
During the new One Ocean show you find out a whole lot about Sea World Rescue and all the work they do the rehabilitate wildlife in the wild. It's phenomenal.
It wouldn't be Florida without ice cream eh? Cookie dough and mint-choc-chip ice cream in a waffle cone. Perfection. (Also check out my nails!)
Hannah and I got sparkly airbrush tattoos in Downtown Disney, I got Stitch and she got Piglet. Mine's still there! 
I hope y'all enjoyed this post and stay tuned for some YouTube updates and some more pictures of what I've been up to for the past few weeks! 
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