Saturday, 13 July 2013

Vacation Haul Swimwear!

Hey Y'all today I'm sharing with you my vacation swimwear haul. I decided to separate this from my clothing haul because there was just so much STUFF!!! 
Also, a big shout out to Emma who turned 18 yesterday. You're finally in with the 'adults'! 
Also look out for my accessories haul, which is coming up next. 
Funnily enough I'm really enjoying YouTube? Who knew that after the first video the rest is so easy? 
Subscribe here if you will! 


  1. You see comfy in front of the camera and were beautiful to watch, maybe we have the next Zoella! More videos please, you do them very well indeed:)xx

  2. Thank you my dear for the shout out! I'm also taking on board your idea of doing the Look Book of my rockabilly dresses!

    Emma Victoria



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