Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I'll just leave this here...

My new summer sound! 
I think I've fallen in LOVE with Avril Lavigne all over again! 
Warning. EXPLICIT 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

YouTube update

As you guys know, I've been on YouTube quite a lot recently because I'm really enjoying recording videos! 
In this post I want to share with you some of my most recent videos and the beginning to my Orlando Travel Series. I am having a little difficulty with my channel because I'm not getting much feedback so don't really know what to do but ho hum pigs bum...on to the videos! 
Vacation haul pt.3 Accessories
Travel series - What's in my travel makeup bag
Travel series - What's in my parks bag

Relaxing with Jen.

Today I have spent all morning filming for my YouTube channel which I'm really enjoying at the moment, for some reason it feels easier for me to talk to a camera than to type on here...probably because I'm not worrying about my spelling eh? 
You're probably wondering, Steff who's this Jen person? 
Well, Jen is someone I found on YouTube who does organisation videos and almost daily vlogs and she's bloody brilliant. My favourite channel of hers is My Housewife Life
At present I am sitting in the garden on the sun lounger, listening to Jen's Orlando videos, uploading my latest YouTube video and blogging...MULTI-TASKING WOMAN! 
Hope you all have a lovely summer as this may be the last you hear from me for a couple of weeks, I'm going to have a LOAD of vacation vlogs up on my YouTube which I have (adorably) named 'VAYKAY VLOGS ORLANDO'. There's a sneak-peak screen shot of the brand new intro for my VAYKAY vlogs below! 

Have a WONDERFUL summer and rest of July! 
If you do wish to talk to me throughout the next 2 weeks please Tweet me using #vaykayorli.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Vacation Haul Swimwear!

Hey Y'all today I'm sharing with you my vacation swimwear haul. I decided to separate this from my clothing haul because there was just so much STUFF!!! 
Also, a big shout out to Emma who turned 18 yesterday. You're finally in with the 'adults'! 
Also look out for my accessories haul, which is coming up next. 
Funnily enough I'm really enjoying YouTube? Who knew that after the first video the rest is so easy? 
Subscribe here if you will! 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Vacation Haul Clothing!

So I decided to split my vacation haul up into three parts, because I felt that there was a LOT of stuff to cover. So this is my part 1 - clothing. 

I hope you guys like it, please remember to comment, like and subscribe! 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Liebster Blog Award - WHAT?

Why do I always find myself apologising for not blogging for ages? WHY? This time I really do feel like I've been away for a while, but, yet again I have excuses. I have been super busy getting ready to go on my family vacation on Tuesday (pause for my own squealing and excitement) which means a LOT of shopping so I should have a load of hauls up soon! I've been fairly sociable out and about with family friends, barbecues etc. and have since you last saw(?) me been to a prize giving, at which I knew I'd win nothing but then had to stand up in front of everyone and get something (social anxiety...we meet again old chum) and GO TO PROM (eek). 


Anyway, back on topic now (scatterbrain) my good friend Emma has nominated me for a Liebster award, there's a whole load of information on the award over on her page which you can find here. But basically, it's an award given to people with 200 subscribers or less by other start up bloggers with 200 subbies or less. It's a really cool way for beginner bloggers to get their names and blogs circulated around the Bloggoshpere/Interwebs. 
So first of all, I'd like to say thank you to Emma for nominating me, you my Rockabilly friend are a delight to know and I love reading your blog (also your dresses are (forgive me for this word) amazeballs, and I think you should post a Rockabilly dresses lookbook). 

So I'm supposed to answer Emma's questions that she's posted on her blog, and then write my own questions for my nominees! Awesome. 

-Emma's questions- 

1. If you had to pick one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
MAC's Ruby Woo lipstick, don't give me no lemming RiRi Woo, I want the 'ard core original! So yeah Ruby Woo lippy, it's red and matte...what's not to love?

2. What is your overall lifetime goal?
To get my name 'up there' and by that I don't mean I want to be the next Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie. I mean that I want to see my name in the film credits, I've gotten in to art school to do model making and animation to work on TV and films, so am one step closer to that goal! 

3. What would you rather wear, if you could chose only one for the rest of your life... A t-shirt and jeans or a dress?
A t-shirt and jeans definitely, although I'm REALLY loving dresses at the moment, my go-to outfit is jeans and a t-shirt. Specifically some stretchy black M&S jeans because they make my arse look fab, and my Bruce Springsteen 'Born in the USA' concert t-shirt.

4. What do you like to do, to cheer yourself up when you feel really sad?
I watch YouTube videos, Pretty Little Liars, Drop Dead Diva and Defiance on the internet with my cat...I will be a cat lady when I'm older!

5. Fashion wise, would you say you dress in a particular way, such as a music genre?
 I dress very 80's rock, I like my Tie-dye vans, my black studded bag and my spiked necklaces. 
But at the moment I seem to be dressing a LOT like Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic which is totally different to normal...! 

6. What is one thing you could never live without?
My cat Lillypees. I don't think I could make it a day without her, I've never been so attached to an animal before, it's strange because my cat and I are REALLY similar. I'm very much an animal person, I can deal with gators, big cats, dolphins etc. everything (except insects, birds and arachnids...but they don't count) I just LOVE animals. 

7. Would you prefer heels or flats?
Heels because I'm 5'4" of hobbit.

8. What is your favourite, book, tv programme and film?
Book - I've only ever read four books twice and those were the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Harry Potter novels. I've been a Potterhead since the books were released when I was 3 (they were my bed time stories)...15 years y'all! 
TV Programme - Right now it's probably a draw between Pretty Little Liars and Defiance. I'd go with PLL just because there've been 4 seasons and I'm still just as in love with it now as I was when it started, but Defiance is definitely up there with the best!
Film - Top Gun (coughs) have you seen my (cough) blog title (cough)? I love Top Gun, because I just think it's bloody brilliant, except I think they ruined it with the love story. - fun fact - the love story with Charlie wasn't originally there, but after initial/test screenings audiences wanted a love story (you know 80s movies!) so they added the 'Take my breath awaaaaay' and the elevator scene afterwards, which is why Kelly McKillis' hair is covered up with a baseball cap in the elevator, because she'd already dyed it brown for her next movie when they shot the romance scenes, and why the 'Take my breath awaaaay' is just their silhouettes, to hide her coloured hair. (You learn something new and useless everyday...ps. 80's audiences...you fucked up my film!)

9. If you had to live in any time period (apart from the modern day) what would you pick?
Either Paris before the French Revolution, the time of Lestat (Anne Rice readers will understand) and Marie Antoinette or 1980's America - California - The Sunset Strip.

10. If you could be one person in the world, who would you be?
I wish I could say Tom Cruise, but I think I'd probably choose Lucy Hale. Hey whaddya know, we're all short, pale and have dark hair! 

11. What have you learnt from blogging, and what have you learnt about other people from it?
I haven't learnt a lot from blogging yet, I still feel relatively new to it all. I have learnt thought that there are people out there who are genuinely wonderful people, who have warm souls and light hearts that want you to be your best and do your best to be the best person that you can be. I also have learnt that on a blog you can become a completely different person to who you are in real life (I'm not talking about myself here). I now understand that the internet can be fun, but can also lead you to lose yourself, you can express your feelings on the internet but with no knowledge of who might see what you write, and who might be hurt by your mean comments. #allyouareismean

- Stephanie Maverick's Questions - 

1. If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be? e.g. home, your bed, on vacation. 

2. What's your favourite lipstick? 

3. When it comes to eyeliner do you wing it, smoke it or not use it? 

4. Dragons or unicorns?

5. If you could meet anyone in the world from any time period who would it be? e.g. Amelia Earhart, Tom Cruise. 

6. Do you prefer your hair up or down?

7. On vacation of you wear dresses and skirts or jeans and shorts? 

8. Sandals or flip-flops? 

9. What is your favourite feel-good summertime song right now? 

10. What's your favourite nail polish called and where is it from?

11. What do you want to get out of blogging, where do you see yourself a year from now? 

- My Nominees - 

Elisha - Boots of Style
Little Red - Little Red
Georgia - Enchanted Makeup
Wendy - Paint it Pink

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