Thursday, 13 June 2013

May/June Haul

I know I've hauled quite a lot (a lot for me anyway) in the last month or so, and that doesn't seem to have changed at all. I hope y'all like my new blog layout in preparation for the Summertime! There's even a special new summer 'Stephanie Maverick' blog button that you can grab (says Summer on it) if you want to. I plan on changing up my blogs colours etc. every season, just to keep things fresh. 
Anyway, onto the haul. There are a lot of things from a lot of different places (mostly Amazon) so I decided to group them all together! 
I bought this bag in Aldo in Bluewater shopping mall last month for my holiday in July, I was so happy to see this on the shelf! I'd been eyeing up a red 'lip' bag on Yayer but they sold out so fast it was impossible to get one, I'm really happy I bought this though. I love the bone colour and the patent leather make it look classier than if it were cloth or matte. What made me really happy in-store was that I grabbed this and the price tag was £35, I went to pay only to find out that it was in the Aldo sale so was only £25!!! The bag is also available in a bright pink/peach colour. You can get this in store or online for £25
I love to dye my hair, it's no secret, and I'm feeling in the mood for change. I purchased this L'oreal mousse this morning for £10.99 in Boots in my village, this is L'oreal's first re-useable hair dye. It will offer around 2 full head uses for short hair, 1.5 uses for medium/shoulder length hair and 1 use for long hair. This colour is 300 which is Natural Darkest Brown, this is a cool-toned brown. I have used this today and I LOVE it, I'll be doing a short review on it in the future. I'm feeling the need to add some colour to this rich dark base, so purchased 'Directions' 30vol hair bleach and 'Directions' Apple Green semi-permanent hair dye. I've never had green hair before, I've had turquoise but not green so this should be fun! 
I've wanted to try Urban Decay's pressed pigments for ages, and finally caved and purchased my favourite colour 'Rockstar' and 'Smog' which I've wanted to try for ages. I purchased these on Amazon for around £3 each. 
I bought the China Glaze 'Fast Forward' top coat out of necessity, I'm running low on my Nails Inc Kensington Caviar polish and am not willing to fork out a bucket load for a new one (got the current one in my Glossybox). I bought this for £5 on Amazon UK. I am still looking for the perfect summer nails and think I may have found them! I bought two of the Zoya Summer 2013 Pixie Dust collection polishes off of Amazon for £11 each (yes I still cringe at the price). I bought Destiny and Beatrix
I decided to get some new decent-quality lip balm so repurchased my favourite Chapstick apple balm in Boots. My final haul item confuses me, the Sushi Kiss lipstick from MAC. Sushi Kiss is part of MAC's All About Orange collection which I was initially really irritated with, I HATE orange lipstick on myself but when I saw this I fell in love, bought it and when it arrived slapped it on my face. As per-determined by every other orange lippie I've ever owned it's not great but is better than the rest, it has NO pink what so ever. But, layered over pink lip liner...OH MY GAWD! It's ah-maaazing! This'll definitely be my go-to lip for my cruise in August. This was £14. 

I hope you liked my haul, all these images were taken with flash as my room is dark as hell and I decided to amuse myself at night...super cool right? (sarcasm)

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  1. Absolutely love the things you've picked up! The MAC Sushi Kiss lipstick looks like the sweetest colour for summer and the Aldo lips bag was definitely a lucky find!

    Yinyin xx


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