Sunday, 16 June 2013

Guest Post - Anchors Away Beauty

Hey guys, so today I've asked my wonderful friend Emma over at Anchors Away Beauty to do a guest post for my blog. I'll be doing my own version of this post sometime soon, so look out for it! Thank You very much Emma!
Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself; I am Emma Victoria from Anchors Away Beauty. I love retro and vintage things! Stephanie has asked me to do a guest post for you all, and here it is! Here are some of my essentials I will need this summer!

So let’s start with face products! I always find in the summer months when we have a lot of intense heat for a while then my skin tends to dry up, and goes really uneven in my skin tone causing it to have blotchy bits all over my cheeks!

 I always find that moisturising twice a day can have a huge effect on the tightness of your skin and keeping it super soft! I use the Johnson’s Baby Naturals Moisturising; this has a super yummy and fresh smell (it reminds me of daisies in a meadow!). You can buy this moisturiser in any beauty store, such as Boots or Superdrug, but I buy mine in Waitrose because that’s where I go food shopping! I also use sun cream on my face too! It helps to prevent a skin condition called Rosacea, my mum has this, and UV rays tend to make the skin’s condition worse, but using a high SPF sun cream helps to prevent this and also protect your skin! I use the Nivea ‘Sun’ range Protect & Bronze! I bought this in Superdrug for £7.48. Now looking at foundation – I always find that in the summer you don’t want a heavy foundation, cause if you sweat then it will just run and we don’t want that! I use the Rimmel Stay Matte liquid foundation, this is a super light foundation but gives super good coverage! I have this in Shade 200 which is Soft Beige! You don’t really need too much of this product either, I usually use a pea sized amount of foundation to cover my whole face! Super good! I bought this for £5.99 in Boots. The last facial product I use every day is the Natural Collection Pressed Face Powder in shade Translucent; being the retro lady I am, I always have to have face powder on to make my skin super soft and to give that extra bit of coverage! I usually find that if it’s a super-hot day you don’t necessarily want foundation on either, so I tend to use face powder just to even my skin out a little more! You can buy this in Boots for an amazingly cheap £1.99!
Next topic is nails; an outfit is just not complete without a beautiful set of nails! In summer I tend to opt for the bright and bold colours to express! I love the Rimmel Colours I bought last year on a huge haul, and only recently have I been wearing these colours! The pigment is amazing on the Hot Shot – Pink and Tangerine Queen – Orange and you can occasionally get away with just one coat! The 3 Barry M nail polishes are also super pigmented (especially the Blood Orange – Red colour!) I bought the yellow Nail polish (which it is actually just called yellow, imaginative aye?) about 2 years ago, and wore it a few times, and even now I only wear it now and that, but it’s also not very pigmented and you usually need around 3-4 coats of this polish! However, the Hi-Shine Gelly nail polish is super lovely and leaves a nice gloss on your nails when dried! The Barry M nail polishes were £3.99 each and the Rimmel nail polishes were £2.99 each!
Next up is the lip products! I am most definitely a lipstick lover, every chance I get I wear lipstick! However, sometimes in the summer I like to have a little break and to keep my lips in a more neutral tone (surprising for someone like me!). First of all, I don’t wear lip gloss that often, but sometimes in the summer I like a little shimmer, so I use the Mary Kay Signature lip gloss in shade ‘Gold rush’, this is a beautiful gold shade with a hint of orange which is super lovely to match with most outfits, no matter what colour! Next up is my Carmex products, a girl who loves retro can’t do without a little retro goodness now! I have both the tube lip balm and the tiny tin, I have these both In the cherry flavour mainly because I adore cherries! Carmex products are actually one of my favourite lip products, mainly because they smell divine and they make my lips feel so super luscious! You can buy these in Boots in the lip care section for £2.69!
Last but of course not least is a cute little hair butterfly clip from Beauxoxo! I adore all the products in this shop they are gorgeously cute and worth every penny! For summer, I love the baby pink butterfly pink, it’s so cute and summery! I got this little butterfly free with my order from Beauxoxo, however if you go to the website there is a whole section on tonnes of different butterflies in different colours as well!
Well I hope you enjoyed this post!
Much Love

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