Saturday, 29 June 2013


I know I'm generally a beauty blogger, but I still want to maintain my air of posting whatever the heck I like on here. My friend Emma recently posted some of her favourite songs on her blog, and I just found a song that I want to share and will perfectly sum up the summertime! It's from Imagine Dragons, and is just phenomenal. 
I first heard this song on Bethany Mota's airplane outfits video a while back and knew I had to listen to it, but being the eternal idiot I am, I completely forgot to do so and forgot all about the song (facepalm). Then, yesterday whilst painting a massive prom banner with four of my friends one of them put this on their phone and I knew I had to tell y'all about it! So here it is, please check out 'I'm on top of the world' by Imagine Dragons! 
Side it just me or are there a lot of little biting bugs around this summer? I mean seriously, I've been bitten like crazy, does anyone else in the UK have this problem? (Also I apologise for the belated blogging (again), but things have been crazy hectic around here. I had to take my Dad to hospital earlier this week as he's torn a hamstring, and he damaged it again last night. So if there's a slow amount of bloggature I apologise)

Monday, 24 June 2013

On the YouTube

So, I got suckered in to YouTube a long, long time ago back when I was about 12 years old. I wanted to make beauty videos after watching beauty gurus like Elle Fowler and have eventually come to find some of my favourites being a little more diverse and strange like Klaire de Lys and Grav3yardgirl. 
I want to launch my YouTube channel here on my blog for the first time ever! 
So here it is, the official Stephanie Maverick YouTube channel, after 6 years of wanting to start this and procrastinating I'm finally getting to it. I was terrified about what people would do if they found out that I was on YouTube which is why I haven't started my journey for such a long time, there were some real dicks at my school and as of last Thursday I had my final exam meaning, I'M FREE!!!
(And I'm sure people at art school will be more understanding...right?) Anyway, you can check out my channel here, and my friend Emma's channel from 'Anchor's Away Beauty' here
Below is my first video, yeah, I know it's not great, but it's a start!!! 

Shakespeare Rose inspired eye makeup

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Makeup Collection pt 2

Hey Guys! So this is my second part of my makeup collection, I really like viewing these on blogs and on YouTube so I decided to take you through mine! 
 As you can see from the title image I have a large drawer under my bathroom sink in which I keep the majority of my makeup products, these are more 'mainstream' products like blushers, eyeliners etc. In the picture above I have my lip balms and lip scrubs to the left. I must warn you, the Popcorn lip scrub form Lush doesn't taste as good as it might sound. It's still tolerable though. I keep my eyeliners in the little pink jar, I need a bigger jar...too much eyeliner! To the right I have a cow-print glass/mug in which I keep my mascaras.
 This is my most prized section of my makeup collection, my lipsticks! On the right are a load of sample size lipsticks I got last Christmas in a huge boots lipstick kit, it's a great idea because it means I have literally every colour, shade and finish of lipstick. In the centre are my lipsticks, to the right I keep my balm 'pens' like the Revlon Kissable Balm stains and at the bottom are a bunch of lip liners alongside the double-ended Max Factor lipstick. 
 I have two glasses in which I keep my lip glosses, these are organised as neutrals and clears on the left and bold and bright colours on the right. Below that is a glass bowl like the one I use for my cream eyeshadows in my cupboard which you can see in my last Makeup Collection post. It contains my highlighters, these are mostly powder as powder generally performs better on my skin than liquid products. 
 In this little blue tray at the front of my drawer I have things like eye primer, an eyeliner sharpener and gel eyeliners. I also have three Dark Heart Designs lipgloss samples, and some kind of lash pearl liquid from Givenchy that I got years ago. 
 This is the second most precious part of my makeup drawer, these are all my eyeshadow pigments, loose eyeshadows and glitters. I have used Glossybox boxes to organise the majority of my makeup collection in this drawer. The middle section is made up of a load of Glamour Doll Eyes loose eyeshadows, and some Dark Heart Designs shadows with other random ones at the back. In the little gap area on the right are some glitters from various companies and some Dark Heart Designs shimmer serums. 
 This is my tiny brow collection and my huge face collection, I rarely use the face collection, but when I'm going out for dinner with my family or for a big occasion or if I'm just having a really bad skin day I will use a whole load of these products. On the left in the cow cup are a few eyebrow products that I'll occasionally use. On the right I have things like foundation, three face powders, face primers, and concealers. The big row of products at the bottom are blushes, and the last product on the right of this row is a Bobbi Brown bronzer that I've had for the same amount of time as the Givenchy lash pearls. 
Finally at the back I have products that I'm saving for my Florida holiday in July, there's TheBalm's Balm Jovi palette which I recently reviewed, and some products from the MAC Archie's Girls collection. There are two of the lip glosses and both the beauty powders. 

I hope you liked my makeup collection, it was really fun to go through everything and look over everything. I think I need to clean those foundation bottles though (I've hardly used can they be so dirty?)...anyone interested in a makeup sale?
I'm also starting up a YouTube channel soon, and will be setting up my blog sale page! 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Guest Post - Anchors Away Beauty

Hey guys, so today I've asked my wonderful friend Emma over at Anchors Away Beauty to do a guest post for my blog. I'll be doing my own version of this post sometime soon, so look out for it! Thank You very much Emma!
Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself; I am Emma Victoria from Anchors Away Beauty. I love retro and vintage things! Stephanie has asked me to do a guest post for you all, and here it is! Here are some of my essentials I will need this summer!

So let’s start with face products! I always find in the summer months when we have a lot of intense heat for a while then my skin tends to dry up, and goes really uneven in my skin tone causing it to have blotchy bits all over my cheeks!

 I always find that moisturising twice a day can have a huge effect on the tightness of your skin and keeping it super soft! I use the Johnson’s Baby Naturals Moisturising; this has a super yummy and fresh smell (it reminds me of daisies in a meadow!). You can buy this moisturiser in any beauty store, such as Boots or Superdrug, but I buy mine in Waitrose because that’s where I go food shopping! I also use sun cream on my face too! It helps to prevent a skin condition called Rosacea, my mum has this, and UV rays tend to make the skin’s condition worse, but using a high SPF sun cream helps to prevent this and also protect your skin! I use the Nivea ‘Sun’ range Protect & Bronze! I bought this in Superdrug for £7.48. Now looking at foundation – I always find that in the summer you don’t want a heavy foundation, cause if you sweat then it will just run and we don’t want that! I use the Rimmel Stay Matte liquid foundation, this is a super light foundation but gives super good coverage! I have this in Shade 200 which is Soft Beige! You don’t really need too much of this product either, I usually use a pea sized amount of foundation to cover my whole face! Super good! I bought this for £5.99 in Boots. The last facial product I use every day is the Natural Collection Pressed Face Powder in shade Translucent; being the retro lady I am, I always have to have face powder on to make my skin super soft and to give that extra bit of coverage! I usually find that if it’s a super-hot day you don’t necessarily want foundation on either, so I tend to use face powder just to even my skin out a little more! You can buy this in Boots for an amazingly cheap £1.99!
Next topic is nails; an outfit is just not complete without a beautiful set of nails! In summer I tend to opt for the bright and bold colours to express! I love the Rimmel Colours I bought last year on a huge haul, and only recently have I been wearing these colours! The pigment is amazing on the Hot Shot – Pink and Tangerine Queen – Orange and you can occasionally get away with just one coat! The 3 Barry M nail polishes are also super pigmented (especially the Blood Orange – Red colour!) I bought the yellow Nail polish (which it is actually just called yellow, imaginative aye?) about 2 years ago, and wore it a few times, and even now I only wear it now and that, but it’s also not very pigmented and you usually need around 3-4 coats of this polish! However, the Hi-Shine Gelly nail polish is super lovely and leaves a nice gloss on your nails when dried! The Barry M nail polishes were £3.99 each and the Rimmel nail polishes were £2.99 each!
Next up is the lip products! I am most definitely a lipstick lover, every chance I get I wear lipstick! However, sometimes in the summer I like to have a little break and to keep my lips in a more neutral tone (surprising for someone like me!). First of all, I don’t wear lip gloss that often, but sometimes in the summer I like a little shimmer, so I use the Mary Kay Signature lip gloss in shade ‘Gold rush’, this is a beautiful gold shade with a hint of orange which is super lovely to match with most outfits, no matter what colour! Next up is my Carmex products, a girl who loves retro can’t do without a little retro goodness now! I have both the tube lip balm and the tiny tin, I have these both In the cherry flavour mainly because I adore cherries! Carmex products are actually one of my favourite lip products, mainly because they smell divine and they make my lips feel so super luscious! You can buy these in Boots in the lip care section for £2.69!
Last but of course not least is a cute little hair butterfly clip from Beauxoxo! I adore all the products in this shop they are gorgeously cute and worth every penny! For summer, I love the baby pink butterfly pink, it’s so cute and summery! I got this little butterfly free with my order from Beauxoxo, however if you go to the website there is a whole section on tonnes of different butterflies in different colours as well!
Well I hope you enjoyed this post!
Much Love

Friday, 14 June 2013

My Makeup Collection pt 1

I know that Makeup Collection posts are usually super popular, and I figured why not do it myself? I will be posting about all the things in certain sections of my collection.
For my first post, I'll be showing you guys my cupboard. It's a long almost floor to ceiling length cupboard with two sections, the top section has three shelves and the bottom has two shelves. I'll be covering four out of the five shelves. 
My top shelf houses things I don't use much, like moisturiser and fake lashes as well as my Clarisonic Mia 2. It also contains 'refills' for when I finish a product like my Maybelline BB cream, as well as empty boxes for things I'm testing in the back like the toothpaste boxes. I also keep card wrappers for things like my TheBalm Balm Jovi palette cover. 
My second shelf is home to all of my eyeshadow palettes, my bigger palettes are on the left and my smaller quads etc. are on the right behind the glass bowl. I put a palette that I am testing out in front of the rest of them so that I will instinctively grab that over the others, at the moment this is the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. To the right is a glass bowl filled with cream eyeshadows like the Maybelline Colour Tattoos.
The third shelf is home to a lot of my skincare and travel products, I have small travel-size products hidden behind my face scrubs and washes. On the right I have hand sanitising wipes and on the right are a couple of spot treatment gels, there are some blackhead strips in there too. At the front of the shelf are two glass bowls of eyeshadows, on the left are 'non natural' colours like blacks, blues, purples etc. and on the right are 'natural' colours, browns, peaches, creams etc. 
The fourth shelf is home to all of my hair dye products, there are around eleven bottles of Crazy Color hair dye, two pots of Directions hair dye and the left overs from my recent L'oreal bottle on the right. I also have two Charlie body sprays and two plastic containers on the left that I can mix my hair dyes together in, these are the tops from Johnson's cotton swab containers. Behind the L'oreal dye are 3 makeup bags that I use to take my makeup travelling in. 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

May/June Haul

I know I've hauled quite a lot (a lot for me anyway) in the last month or so, and that doesn't seem to have changed at all. I hope y'all like my new blog layout in preparation for the Summertime! There's even a special new summer 'Stephanie Maverick' blog button that you can grab (says Summer on it) if you want to. I plan on changing up my blogs colours etc. every season, just to keep things fresh. 
Anyway, onto the haul. There are a lot of things from a lot of different places (mostly Amazon) so I decided to group them all together! 
I bought this bag in Aldo in Bluewater shopping mall last month for my holiday in July, I was so happy to see this on the shelf! I'd been eyeing up a red 'lip' bag on Yayer but they sold out so fast it was impossible to get one, I'm really happy I bought this though. I love the bone colour and the patent leather make it look classier than if it were cloth or matte. What made me really happy in-store was that I grabbed this and the price tag was £35, I went to pay only to find out that it was in the Aldo sale so was only £25!!! The bag is also available in a bright pink/peach colour. You can get this in store or online for £25
I love to dye my hair, it's no secret, and I'm feeling in the mood for change. I purchased this L'oreal mousse this morning for £10.99 in Boots in my village, this is L'oreal's first re-useable hair dye. It will offer around 2 full head uses for short hair, 1.5 uses for medium/shoulder length hair and 1 use for long hair. This colour is 300 which is Natural Darkest Brown, this is a cool-toned brown. I have used this today and I LOVE it, I'll be doing a short review on it in the future. I'm feeling the need to add some colour to this rich dark base, so purchased 'Directions' 30vol hair bleach and 'Directions' Apple Green semi-permanent hair dye. I've never had green hair before, I've had turquoise but not green so this should be fun! 
I've wanted to try Urban Decay's pressed pigments for ages, and finally caved and purchased my favourite colour 'Rockstar' and 'Smog' which I've wanted to try for ages. I purchased these on Amazon for around £3 each. 
I bought the China Glaze 'Fast Forward' top coat out of necessity, I'm running low on my Nails Inc Kensington Caviar polish and am not willing to fork out a bucket load for a new one (got the current one in my Glossybox). I bought this for £5 on Amazon UK. I am still looking for the perfect summer nails and think I may have found them! I bought two of the Zoya Summer 2013 Pixie Dust collection polishes off of Amazon for £11 each (yes I still cringe at the price). I bought Destiny and Beatrix
I decided to get some new decent-quality lip balm so repurchased my favourite Chapstick apple balm in Boots. My final haul item confuses me, the Sushi Kiss lipstick from MAC. Sushi Kiss is part of MAC's All About Orange collection which I was initially really irritated with, I HATE orange lipstick on myself but when I saw this I fell in love, bought it and when it arrived slapped it on my face. As per-determined by every other orange lippie I've ever owned it's not great but is better than the rest, it has NO pink what so ever. But, layered over pink lip liner...OH MY GAWD! It's ah-maaazing! This'll definitely be my go-to lip for my cruise in August. This was £14. 

I hope you liked my haul, all these images were taken with flash as my room is dark as hell and I decided to amuse myself at night...super cool right? (sarcasm)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bloglovin' - Google Friend Connect

There's been a lot going on here in the Blogosphere recently about Google Friend Connect leaving us this July. I am as of yet uncertain as to whether GFC will be leaving blogger blogs or just other blogs that use GFC, but I decided to enforce a back-up plan and have joined Bloglovin'

If you want to keep following me just incase this strange Google zombie apocalypse actually goes through the way people are speculating, you can follow me on Bloglovin'. As you can tell, I have no idea what's actually going on and there are a whole bunch of different speculations, these have just added to my confusion! 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

OOTD - A wild ride over stony ground

I can't believe I'm actually doing an outfit of the day... I'm incredibly insecure which is why this is a huge step for me! This is an outfit I wore on Friday night to my art viewing and then out to dinner with some friends. I had a lot more fun that night than I expected, and am really pleased with the outfit. It's super simple, which is basically my style summed up in one. Simple. 
Top - Next (a few years back) similar here/here/here
Jeans - TKMaxx straight legged (unlabelled) similar here 
Boots - Topshop (last year) similar here
Earrings (hoops) - Goldsmiths similar here 
Earrings (dream catchers) - A high street shop (unsure which) similar here/here
Watch - Michael Kors £164 buy it here 
Ring (arrow) - Forever 21 similar here
Ring (vintage style) - New Look £7.99 buy it here

I hope you liked my first ever OOTD, I know there's only one full outfit picture but I took loads and only liked this one...eugh body confidence!!!! 
The title of this OOTD comes from Def Leppard's 'Animal' you can watch it here (it's one of my favourite songs). 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

theBalm Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette

I first saw this palette a while back and have had it sitting in my makeup drawer for a seriously long time (since late March) because I'm planning to save it and take it to Florida in July. I thought that this would be the perfect palette to take to the Hard Rock Hotel, and since I am a huge Rock music fan I decided to take the plunge and buy it! I bought this palette on Amazon UK for around £30. This is my first ever palette from theBalm and I'm really, really impressed with it! It's definitely on-par with Urban Decay's Dangerous palette for me, which is my favourite Urban Decay palette so far (yes, for me Dangerous beats Naked 2). This palette is full of little witty twists on music, and just being called the 'Balm Jovi' palette kinda gives you that impression. (Prepare for the ridiculous amount of pictures...this is probably the longest post I've EVER WRITTEN!) I even shot these pictures on top of one of my most prized possessions, my 1987 vinyl edition of Def Leppard's 'Animal'!
The palette is designed for the entire face, so it contains a huge heart-shaped mirror. Another thing within the design of this packaging (as you know I'm a sucker for packaging) is that there are a lot of 'tattoo' style designs, a lot of the text and backgrounds have that element of an LA tattoo store to them. This mirror is the perfect size to do your whole face in if you want to, and the lid which the mirror is on flips all the way backwards, so you can hold it more firmly. 
Being designed as an on-the-go face palette, Balm Jovi also contains a highlighter, blusher and two lip and cheek stains. 
The DISCO music themed highlighter is called Solid Gold, and is theBalm's famous Mary-Lou Manizer. I like how they have musically themed all the different aspects of this palette, you'll see what I mean as we go on. This highlighter looks sparkly but is just a little shimmery, and when applied with a light had looks great on the skin. It's the perfect summertime colour as it's a rich gold with lighter gold flecks and also translates great onto the eyelid alongside some of the eyeshadows in this palette.The blush in this palette is themed after POP music and is theBalm's popular FratBoy Blush. It's a pretty coral-pink, and leans more towards the pink side of coral than orange, it's sunny and warm. Again, this would be a perfect warm cheek for summer, I can imagine sitting under an umbrella by the pool with this lightly dusted over my cheeks. 
Milly and Vanilly are the two lip/cheek stains included in the palette. I like that theBalm has chosen to include stains rather than lip glosses because it makes them less sticky and much more pleasurable to apply. Initially they are balmy in texture but become more matte after about 10 minutes on the lip and look ah-mazing! These stains are the R&B themed part of the palette. Milly is a muted beige-pink shade, this is perfect for a summer's day as it adds just that little bit of oomph to a casual look, it's sheerer than Vanilly. Vanilly is a bright pink-red, it definitely leans to the pinker side of red than it does blue-red or orange-red which I'm quite happy about because I already have my perfect blue-red (Ruby Woo) and I hate orange-red on my skin. I can see this being a beautiful stain on cheeks if applied with a light hand. Now, let's get to the real reason we're all here...eyeshadow.
I know, I know I'm constantly saying that I love eyeshadow but don't wear it as often as other products but this, this is just a spectacular eyeshadow palette! My favourite part of the eyeshadow palette is obviously the left hand side, being themed after HEAVY METAL bands (some of my favourites are in there). 
Metal-ica is a beautiful frosted white, it's what I'd call a warm white but without any cream in it. The pigmentation of this shadow is ridiculous, it's soft and beautiful in application and so pigmented I even raised my eyebrows for a second! This is easily comparable to Urban Decay's best formulas. It has a silver shimmer/shift to it. Iron Maid-in is a cream with gold shimmer, again it is incredibly soft and really pigmented. It's a creamier, softer version of Solid Gold. Lead Zeppelin is a khaki green with gold flecks of glitter in it, the gold adds a warm summery tone to the green. For some reason thought this shadow seemed less soft and pigmented when compared to the other three shadows in this column. Alice Copper is my favourite throughout the entire palette, unlike it's name it is not fully copper but contains flecks of copper shimmer. It's the most matte out of all four shades in this collection but as aforementioned contains a little copper shimmer, the base colour is a dark burgundy/purple.
The central collection is all themed around CLASSICAL music and all four shadows are hard, creamy mattes. The texture when being pulled from the pan feels hard, but the eyeshadows are intact extremely creamy during application. Adagio is a brightening matte cream, it's less golden in colour than Iron Maid-in and reminds me of Blanc Type by MAC. It's soft and is a pretty brow highlight. Allegro is a deep mustard/brown colour, this central collection reminds me of last year's Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween 2 collection which I absolutely loved as well. I'm a huge sucker for mustard colours as they seem to look pretty good on my eyes, applied on the lid this is gorgeous, especially with a Presto in the crease and Moderato at the outer corner of the eye. Allegro is a little harder in palette than Adagio but is creamy upon pick-up and application. Moderato is Alice Copper's matte purpler cousin, it has the exact same formulation as Allegro and Presto, and similar pigmentation. Same goes for Presto, it's a hard shadow with creamy application. I like how this brown is much more than just plain brown, it has deep reddish undertones which add much more depth to it than expected. 
Finally! The last collection is ALTERNATIVE music themed. Initially this was the collection of shadows I was most sceptical about, but after swatching them and looking them over a little more I really like them! Blink 1982 is a deep mauve/taupe/pink leaning towards more pink. It's got a little gold shimmer making it a pretty rosy gold colour, I think that this looks nice on the lid by it's self. It's very soft much like those in the left column.The Stroke was the only colour I looked at shiftily in the beginning as blue shadows can look really crap on me, but after swatching I realised it's a charcoal black/burnt blue with blue shimmer and not a bright navy blue as I initially imagined! I'm really looking forward to playing around with this, I might even show y'all my creations. This shadow has the same hard formulation as the central column, the texture really reminds me of Blackout from Urban Decay, pigmentation reminds me of Illamasqua's Lestat. rem (yes that's rem, no capitals) is a lavender purple, with a pink/gold shift to it, the shimmer in this is similar to the amount in Alice Copper. When combined with Third Eye Blinded I think that this would be a perfect summer daytime or springtime look. It's got a similar texture to that of Lead Zeppelin. Third Eye Blinded is a light oyster pink it's not glittery or shimmery but has a distinct sheen to it, it's really pretty but as you can see from the swatches above it's rather sheer. The texture would be described as a baby of rem and Blink 1982, this is a pretty inner-corner colour.

All in all I LOVE this palette more than any other palette I've used before (except maybe my custom MAC palette), I love the surprising amount of pigmentation in these shadows, and I'm really, really impressed at the amount of stuff you get for your money. All of the colours are extremely gorgeous, including those of the highlighter, blush, and stains and they all go together. This'd be a great palette to do a day to night look with. 
This'd be a good palette for near-beginners as it has a variety of textures and colours, as well as this little guide at the base of the palette that folds out from over the stains. 
This is what I mean by 'folds out', it means that none of the powdery stuff from Solid Gold and  Don't you want me? can go in the stains like they can in most full face palettes. It also means that the stains can't smudge out into the powders. Which is a really cool design idea because powder smudging into palette gloss/stain is what pisses me off about face palettes usually. 

I'd definitely recommend this palette, it's durable, travel-worthy and contains everything you could possibly need! I'm really impressed with my first ever purchase from theBalm and I'm definitely going to look more into it when I go to America in July because it'll be cheaper out there, hey, I might even bring something back for you guys! This is the perfect palette for those of us who are hard-core Rock music and makeup fans, as well as for those who are looking for something with everything in it. 
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