Sunday, 12 May 2013

Woollyton collection

Over the past half year or so I have been collecting necklaces from a cute online boutique called Woollyton. The owner and creator of the shop is Tawnie, and I can tell you now that they have some of the BEST customer service I have ever experiences. 
What I love is that you can create your own necklace by just sending her a request, and they don't cost any more than the readymade necklaces! I thought I'd share some of the amazing pieces I've purchased from Woollyton, it really is one of the best online shops I've ever used! 

This is the raggedy bear necklace, all the bears retail for around $18.50, even the custom ones. I received this as a gift from my Rents for christmas last year. I like the copper coloured shading on this bear, and think that it gives it a little 'something else'. I also like all the stitching on this and the zombie bear. 

This is a dark teal starfish necklace, you can find a similar one here. This is one of my favourites and I plan on wearing it to Sea World, Orlando. I like how sparkly this necklace is, it looks as if it's coated in flecks of water. This cost $16.50. 

I specially requested this planet necklace, I think it was around $15 and is in orange and magenta. I like the added star detail, and I love how everything has a smiley face...sweetness! 

I purchased this necklace for the summertime, it's a sweet little panda ice-cream necklace (kawaii) and it has a bow-tie! I can't find the exact same one but there are a few variations up on the website, like this one. These necklaces retail at $18. 

This is the zombie bear necklace, I think that Tawnie has changed the shade of green she uses, but I'm not 100% certain, as this was in my first ever order from Woollyton. This is basically a creepy green version of the raggedy bear necklace.

This octopus necklace is the only heart shaped necklace from Woollyton that I own. It has the same star as the planet that I previously talked about. I like how the heart looks like it's covered in little sequins but in reality its just a load of fine glitter! You can find a similar one here on sale for $15! 

This was also in my first order from Woollyton, it's a pink glittery bear with a little red heart. I wanted something a little more simple. This is a custom necklace, meaning you get to choose the colour of the bear, the colour of the heart and whether you want the bear to be happy or sad. 

This is 100% my FAVOURITE necklace that I've ever purchased from Woollyton. Its a custom design that I had to email Tawnie for. A bright red base bear with a black heart, white fangs and evil eyebrows. I've loved vampires since Justin Somper's 'Vampirates' first released, and this cute little necklace lets me indulge occasionally! 

Again, this is another custom order I made alongside the vampire bear. It's a pale blue base with a daisy instead of a heart and a huge amount of glitter. This is a perfect 'springtime bear' necklace, and I'm looking forward to wearing it more this season! 

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