Thursday, 16 May 2013

'Urban' Haul

I know, I know... but Steff you posted a haul yesterday! Well, the rest of the things I ordered online arrived in the mail today and I wanted to share them with y'all! This is called an 'Urban' haul because the items I bought are all from Urban Outfitters and Urban Decay. 

I've needed a new brand of Sea Salt spray since I ran out of my Umberto Giannini sea salt spray, I really loved it but the scent wasn't the best. I really love the pump that is on the top of this canister, rather than a push down one that you get on most spray-type products, this has a squeeze pump like on a spray bottle. It smells great, and gives your hair a whole load of body and texture, I honestly prefer this over the Giannini product. I can't find a link for this exact product as UO seems to be out of stock at the moment, but check out this Beach Babe texturiser instead for the same price (£7).

I've been lusting after some tie dye clothes for a long (LOOONG!) time, and finally bought some tie dye Vans from Urban Outfitters. I'm really pleased with these, I have several pairs of converses and since I bought them (2-3 years ago) my feet have gotten a little wider at the toes. These Vans are the perfect shape for my feet, they are less 'long' like Converses and a  little 'wider'. These are a little darker in colour in person, than on the website. I really like the swirled design on the toes, these set me back £55. 

I always shop the sales at Urban Outfitters, and finally something caught my eye. I'd seen this pair of BDG Wynona Washed Ankle Cigarette Jeans a few months back, but at £65 I really couldn't part with my money. (I'm willing to part with £'s on shoes because I'd rather have really good, stable shoes and cheap clothes rather than expensive clothes and shitty shoes) Luckily, I decided to check out the UO sale, and they had these for £15! That's a £50 reduction, and I used a student 10%off code meaning that they were only £13.50! Happiness!!! I love these jeans, they fit really well and are a little stretchy which I like because it means they fit better. I've never had a pair of studded bottoms before so it's a first.

I found out that Debenhams had a 10% off sale on all their makeup brands (including MAC) which I'd never seen before. So, being the makeup fiend I am, I took advantage of it and bought 2 things I'd been lusting after from Urban Decay. The 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in Bourbon is a beautiful dark brown slightly shimmery/metallic eyeliner. I literally LOVE this pencil, it's so creamy and stays on for ages. Obviously I'll do swatches/reviews etc. of my makeup purchases. I bought this in the 10% sale for £12.60 reduced from £14. 

Yes...I gave in to the Naked thing that seems to haunt all beauty bloggers and YouTubers. I decided on the Naked 2 palette because I found that the Naked 1 had two blue-toned shades at the end of the palette, and on my eye colour blue looks horrible. I found that a couple of the shades in this palette were purple-tones, and purple looks brilliant on my eyes so I went for this one. I thought that the packaging would be great for travel, and I really wanted to try Blackout. I got this for £32.40 in the sale rather than £36.

I'm really happy with my purchases, and since I'll be taking all but the jeans to Florida, I consider it pretty a shopping kinda way. 
I'm aiming to buy some cheap trainers that look like Vans and customising them (DIY tutorial), and maybe customising some denim shorts too in the future. 


  1. Ahh so those are the Vans you chose! haaha awesome they are so rad.

    Do you skate or is it just a fashion choice?

    Hope you enjoy the Naked 2! I have the Naked 1 and love it. I've had to force myself to put it away to try use some of my other pallets haha.

    Best wishes,

    1. I'm completely in love with tie-dye things this year, and Vans for me seem to be much more comfortable than Converses, probably because they're that little bit wider.
      The Naked 2's really great. I'm going to be doing a review on it.

      Thanks :D


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