Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Topshop Haul

I'm buying loads of things for when I go to Florida now, because it means that I just have to save my money during July before I go away - This makes sense to me. So as you can see, my camera cable arrived, hence the much better quality picture! 
I decided to buy some new pyjamas for Florida, because we're going in the height of summer and my striped flannel PJ bottoms will bake me alive. I bought a plain, bright purple bikini for the swimming pool and finally I bought bright green socks with sloths on them...Sloth socks! 

I saw this PJ set and immediately knew I had to have it, I'm a huge dino-nerd (put a dinosaur on anything and I'll want it) and a huge Jurassic Park fan. Its an oversized shirt so that it's nice and loose in bed, the shorts are small dolphin shorts. They are grey with bright pink detailing, the combo together looks super cool, whilst I'm in Florida I'm having a load of sleepovers so thought this ensemble would be perfect! Also, if you have room service it doesn't matter if your in you pyjamas because these are bad-ass! These were only £18 which I think is pretty good. 

I love clothes with animals on (I'll probably end up being one of those old ladies that wears jumpers with cats on) and once I found these I knew I must have them. They were £3.50 and I'm pretty sure there's some kinda deal on Topshop where you can buy 3 pairs of socks for £8, these don't seem to be on the site anymore but you can find similar ones here and here

I bought my first bikini of the year! It's this bright purple padded tie-up top with side-ruched bottoms. This is probably my favourite one I've ever bought as I've never had a plain one before. What I like about this is that you can buy a whole load of different colours like teal, pink, yellow, blue and orange as well as purple and combine them in different ways. I'm thinking of purchasing the pink top and the teal bottoms. You can choose between three different styles of tops and two different styles of bottoms, one top is a triangle un-padded top and the other top is a halter neck bandeau and the bottoms have ties on the side. I really like how the ties on the end of the top are finished off with little gold squares, it gives it a more polished look. 

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