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Sigma Mrs Bunny Full-size kit Review

Last month I finally (after months of procrastinating) decided to save up and buy the Sigma Mrs Bunny full-size brush kit, I really needed some new makeup brushes. I've previously used the Lauren Luke brushes, but after 2-3 years they've started to wilt a little, onwards and upwards! 
I purchased the kit before they made the change to it, now you'll see that the set has shiny silver ferrules like in the Mr Bunny and Make Me Classy kits, but the set has still retained it's original signature pastel-blue handles. 

Below is a picture of the original set (the one I purchased) and beneath that is an image of the new style. I do really like the pink matte ferrules as they just make the kit look a little more unique, Sigma seems to be changing all the ferrules on their brushes to be silver, they've already changed the full-size Make Me Blush kit, and I can only presume the rest will follow. 

If Sigma had made this change beforehand to all of the brushes, I would have probably bought the Make Me Blush kit with silver ferrules, but, luckily I managed to nab one of the last 'original' bunny kits! I bought these on Love Make Up for £99 which works out at about £8.20 per brush and includes the super convenient carrying case. The carrying case was one of the reasons I chose Sigma over Sedona Lace, also I can't find anywhere in the UK that sells Sedona Lace brushes, but I would love to try them. I'm going on 2 vacations this year in the summer, so thought the case would be necessary, and I decided on the full-size collection as I literally needed a whole new brush collection. 
The F50 brush was one I'd always wanted to try, I've never had a flat-topped brush before, I've found this quite interesting to work with and whilst I haven't used foundation with it as I do not wear foundation, I have used blush with it. It applies blush so smoothly and gives an almost airbrushed look to it! A quality I really love about this brush is that it isn't like the F30, it doesn't apply a huge pat of blush or powder onto your face in a circle, it gives you the ability to control the concentration of makeup on your face much easier. 
The F6O is a typical flat foundation brush, I usually use this with my Dr Jart BB cream or my Maybelline BB cream if I decide to use something like that on my face, I find that this performs really well and gives an almost doll-like finish to the face, which when blended in with the F30 can look AMAZING. 

The F30 is one of my most commonly used brushes, I'll use this to blend everything into my face when I do a full-face of makeup, and to apply my MAC Beauty Powder in the morning. I usually grip the brush at the top of the ferrule and squeeze the bristles to make them a bit tighter and harder on the face, increasing it's blending power.
I've never had an angled brush either, so I was really excited to receive the F40 in this set. A lot of people say that they use this for their contouring bronzer, but I don't own a bronzer right now (a crime I know!) so I've been using it to add a light highlight to my cheekbones and OHMYLANTA it gives the right amount of product so that you look glowy but not like the tin man.

The F70 brush was created for precision concealer application. I like this brush, but will probably end up using it for eye makeup as it is the perfect size for eyeshadow as well as concealer. That's probably my favourite thing about this brush, it's very versatile. 
The E60 is extremely similar but a little bigger, but could also be used in the same way as the F70. It seems that these two brushes were created for versatility for whatever you want to use them for, meaning they remove restrictions. 

E05 is a very, very thin eyeliner brush however it doesn't look it. E05 has the appearance of a slightly smaller very tapered pencil brush, however has retained it's shape extremely well! The shape of this brush helps when winging out eyeliner, as it delivers a nice 'sweep' onto the eye, also there is very little tugging because the bristles are soooo 'bunny soft'. 
The blending brush included in this collection is the E40 blender, it's very tapered compared to the Lauren Luke blenders, and dries really fast after washing. This blender is the perfect size for the crease, as it is just small enough to fit in even if your eye's open. 

E30 is a stiff-bristled pencil brush, and like the E05 is extremely precise. Although this brush is stiff it is still incredibly soft. I like using the E05 to apply a small amount of Maybelline gel eyeliner in black to the bottom lashes, then grab some Illamasqua pressed eyeshadow in Lestat to blend it out with the E30. It creates a wonderful exotic look. The E30 gets into all the 'awkward' places on your eyes without fear of a stray bristle rubbing your eyeball the wrong way. 
The angled liner brush is the E65 in this collection. I like using this brush to apply black shadow over winged eyeliner as it is extremely precise, the only downfall (if you consider it this) is that the top is quite blunt it isn't as 'sharp' as the Lauren Luke angled liner brush. I do find that this makes it a little more efficient however, it has taken me a lot less time to do my wings with this brush than with the Lauren Luke one.

The E55 is probably my favourite eye brush of this entire collection, I literally cannot get over it! The bristles are short and packed together like crazy, making one stubby looking brush. Because of it's high density, it means you can pack a LOT of colour onto your lids, and I mean a LOT. I am so looking forward to experimenting with the Balm Jovi palette before I go away on vacation in July! 
The E70 is what I'd call an angled blender, it's both dense and fluffy. It seems to be a baby hybrid of the E55 the E65 and the E40. I love this brush to apply a light highlight along my brow bone, by just sweeping the brush lightly across the shadow you can pick up a lot of it! 

To the left is the big carrier pot that these brushes come in, I will be packing this in my suitcase for vacation as it is almost as tall as my carry-on backpack. But, it will mean that my brushes and the rest of the contents of my suitcase are protected from each other. 
In the centre is the baby E05 that I received as a free gift from Sigma/Love Make Up, I really like having the pastel blue and pink brushes and then adding some randomly brightly coloured ones in. I really want to buy brushes from the other sets, but individually so if you know anyone...let me know! 
Thirdly on the right is an image of the F30 in it's plastic protection packaging. Immediately after washing and squeezing as much water out of my brushes as possible, I'll just pop them back into these cases for about 2 hours and then remove them for the last hour or so of drying. I let my brushes air dry naturally. 

What I like about this kit is that it's vegan, and whilst that doesn't honestly bother me it's nice to know that occasionally some rat in a lab isn't growing an ear on it's back because of me. Also, they are so soft it feels like you are getting licked by a unicorn on a rainbow. Really. I've never had brushes this soft or smooth before. 
I also wanted to mention that the colour of them actually makes them look like they have little bunny tails at the top, which I really, really like. 
Hope this was helpful to someone, and that if you have been 'umming' and 'erring' about getting some, you should! 
If you don't want to splurge on the full-size product or you want something for travel, check out the travel-size version. Apparently the handles are a little shorter, but the brushes are no different. On Cloud 10 Beauty they are around £51.  

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