Sunday, 12 May 2013

Return of the Dungarees

Dungarees were ridiculously popular back in the 90's and you'll definitely remember it being 'cool' to have one strap attached and one not attached if you were a kid back then, I liked to think that it gave me the 'I don't give a shit' look. They left when people got more into two-piece outfits like shorts, jeans and skirts, and then came the playsuit...which people refused to admit was basically a fuller less denim version of dungarees and now, in 2013 the dungarees are rising again! 

Basically, this post is to show you guys some of my favourite sets of dungarees on the market, as I will certainly be purchasing some for my Florida holiday in July and my Nordic vacation in August, and be rocking them a la Amber from Amber Love

(I must apologise now for the lack of 'self' photos. I've taken some pictures with my Finepix camera, only to realise I have completely misplaced (lost) the USB cable for it and there's no memory card slot in my MacBook. Therefore, y'all will have to put up with crappy iPhone imagery until next week when my replacement cable arrives) 

Onto the top 5 pics for the 'Return of the Dungarees' this year. I've tried to pick an assortment, some bright, some stone washed and some dark so that there's something for everyone! 

Above are the mid-wash denim dungarees from River Island, and these sell for £30. I really like the double layered pocket on the chest piece of the dungarees, and the copper colouring on the clasps. The worn pieces on the legs add an air of informality which would be great for romping around theme parks all summer, or going for a fun day out. 

Above are the MOTO Bleached denim dungarees sold in Topshop for £38. These are at the more expensive end of the spectrum compared to the rest of the dunga sets, these have a loose and baggy boy-fit about them, and the stone wash gives a lighter colour to a denim piece. The waist on these is higher than on the River Island set which I like, and the legs are a little longer than any of the other sets that I'm featuring. So if you want to cover up a little more one day, I think that these generally carry more fabric than the others. 

This set is the Parisian Navy Front-buttoned dungas. A cool feature of these is the strange colour, I've seen a lot of dark-washed dungaree sets but none with this cool bleached contouring that the New Look set boasts. I think that these are a more unique version of just a plain denim set of dungarees. The front-buttoning is a curious detail, and I think that these could look really cool if a couple of the top buttons were undone, this adds a few more customisation options to the dungas. You can buy these in New Look for £24.99. 

I think that these would be SUPER APPROPRIATE for the airplane on the way to 'murica don't you? I've picked these out because Americana is rocking this year's stores and there are so many great Americana pieces out there, I'm a huge fan of Americana. These are on MissGuided and are £29.99. I think that pairing these with a plaint white T-shirt or thick-strapped vest top and vans or converses would be the perfect spring/summer outfit and would look super casual. 

Above are the Esme Dip dyed dungarees from BooHoo, and these are a mere £25! I usually wouldn't go for a brightly coloured piece of denim like these, but when I saw the bright blue and the bubblegum pink dip I couldn't resist. Again pairing these with a basic T would be your safest bet, or smarten them up for an evening out, with a shirt! These are also available with a dark blue dip dye, which looks like you've been wading through water which is pretty cool! 

I know that these won't suit everyone's style, but I tried to get enough in there. I chose a couple of basic denim dungas because they can be styled easier, and I want this spring/summer to be all about casual and easy dressing! Once I finish school on the 24th you probably will never see me in a shirt again...I'm taking art at UNI. 

My final thing I wanted to share with y'all was this freaking amazing playsuit, it's from MissGuided, I've never liked a playsuit as much as this. It contains two of my favourite colours, lavender and mint! I'm really loving bustiers for this summer, and high-waisted bottoms are always fashionable throughout the warmer months.

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