Sunday, 12 May 2013

Random Ramblings #2

  • Today I have done nothing, at all, really nothing. I was planning on setting up my this I mean actually taking a picture of me in some non-sleepwear clothes and posting it.
  • Didn't change out of my PJ's all day, this is why the above point never happened. 
  • Handed in my Home Ec coursework on Friday, and know that there's a fuckton I haven't done. 
  • Dreading my English Coursework result tomorrow, I've worked my freaking socks off on that coursework! 
  • I haven't done any homework, and am finally happy that I only have 3 A2 Level subjects. 
  • Currently watching someone line a tart case with shitty pastry on Come Dine with Me. 
  • Will be uploading a baking tutorial next week, as it's Mutti's (Mum's) birthday on the 23rd so that should happen...50th birthday cake. HELLO!
  • I am currently looking into buying some identification bracelets like in the top picture. 

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