Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Random Ramblings #1

So my A Level art exam is almost over.
Right now I'm a little depressed because it was really sunny earlier when I was inside doing my art, and now there's fuck all sunshine. Pissed. Yes. Where the hell did the sun go? 
This post was going to be about my new Sigma brushes, but then I forgot to clean them, so that will have to wait until the weekend. 
Meanwhile, I will be posting a Topshop Haul soon, I also received the denim backpack I'm going to be taking on my Florida vacation yesterday, so I'm thinking some packing posts etc? 
My cat just nocked over my Santa Claus Cactus and now has little beardy cactus needles in her nose, smooth. 
I hate people that post every waking minute of their lives up on Facebook as if we are all their 'followers', no, just no. That kind of shit flies on Twitter, Instagram and Blogger, but not Facebook. I don't care that you just bought a Coke Zero! 
Also, I've just finished watching all of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood... SHIT BALLS! 
Also, the Mo Farah of giant spiders just came out of my closet and is currently residing in the crap underneath my bed, which I am sitting on. This is not good. At a quick glance it reminded me of Aragog wearing roller skates, balls. 
I'm gunna go now before I embarrass myself with more random ramblings... (oooh TITLE!) and, I'm going to sort that freaking arachnid out! Hello Arachnophobia! 

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