Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Naked 2 Palette review

I should apologise for the lacking amount of bloggature that's been going on, some shit's been happening in my life that could turn bad very soon, but anyway back onto a positive note eh?
A week or so ago I did my 'Urban Haul' in which I showed you guys my Naked 2 Palette. I decided to purchase this in the Debenhams sale, for £32.40 rather than £36 which I know isn't much of a reduction, but it's still cheaper! 
When I initially began using this on my eyes I was disappointed, but soon realised that I was using the wrong brush, for these shadows you need to have a stiff/firm brush so that you can pack on the colour, rather than just giving a wash of shimmer. The flat end of the Good Karma brush is quite stiff so is perfect for this palette, or the Sigma E55 which I actually prefer. 
I swatched all of these with my fingers and no primer. 
 Foxy / Half Baked / Bootycall / Chopper
For me, Foxy was a bit of a disappointment. It is a lot more yellowy than I expected it to be but it is super soft and smooth like the other mattes in this palette. On my skin (quite pink toned) this does look quite yellow, but on yellowy tones I'm sure this'd look beautiful. It won't be replacing my MAC Blanc Type. 
Half Baked is B-E-A-UTIFUL! It's a bright, opaque golden with a warm hint of bronze, but not too much. It's unlike the rest of the coppery colours in this pallet, and is definitely one of my favourites. 
In the pan I'd describe Bootycall as a very pale salmon pink with a little shimmer which looks almost matte on the skin. It's super beautiful and would look amazing in a pale bronzed out eye look. 
Chopper contains a LOT of sparkle which I didn't expect but makes it so much more beautiful. I love how deeply rose-gold/copper coloured this shadow is, it's definitely the perfect colour for a more dramatic neutral eye. 
Tease / Snakebite / Suspect / Pistol
Tease is a brilliant neutral matte brown, this is a great crease colour if you use Bootycall on the lids, as it seems a little more fawn/pink toned than I expected. This shadow is extremely matte, but still super smooth and soft as I have come to expect from UD mattes. 
Snakebite was one of the three shades I was most looking forward to, and it totally paid off. Compared to Chopper it is a deep, dark copper/brown and is so beautiful. It looks beautiful on the lid when used alone, you don't even need to add other colours. 
Suspect is a pretty cross-breed of copper and champagne, when swatched and applied to the skin, whereas in the pan its a mauve/champagne colour. 
Pistol is my favourite shadow in this palette it's a stunning metallic grey/brown, it is literally stunning! It's incredibly pigmented, and reflects the same amount of pigmentation contained in Half Baked, I'd describe it as Half Baked's sexy cousin. 
Verve / YDK / Busted / Blackout
Verve is a pretty, bright cool-toned sparkle shadow. It's really pretty and elegant when paired with Suspect and Bootycall, and makes a nice inner-corner/lid colour. 
YDK (You Don't Know/Young Dumb Kids) seems to be a purple/mauve toned copper. It carries the same copper theme that can be seen throughout the palette but has a little more 'depth'. It's only slightly more mauve toned but it is so beautiful! 
Busted is the second purple-toned shadow that I talked about in my 'Urban Haul' I feel that this is a slightly mauve-toned shadow, again, like YDK it has a certain amount of 'depth' that completely sets it apart from other deep brown shadows that I've used before. It's totally beautiful and is the perfect colour to warm up a dark smokey eye. 
Blackout was the matte I was most looking forward to trying out, it's SUPER pigmented and super dark, it's a great alternative to my favourite matte black eyeshadow (Illamasqua's Lestat). This is definitely my favourite matte shadow in this palette and it can be used perfectly in conjunction with Busted in a smokey eye. 
I hope that was an informative review, you can buy the palette here. For what it's worth I really love the colours in this palette, and totally think it's worth the money. I'm going to be doing a review of the lipgloss separately, so that should be coming up soon. There are some seriously pigmented colours in this palette and I'm definitely taking this palette to Florida with me in July! It has a reasonably sized mirror for travel, and the included flat/blending brush makes it literally the PERFECT palette for travelling, and perfect for those summer days and summer nights.

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