Tuesday, 7 May 2013

In the beginning...

So, I've decided to take that I'm bored with school as a sign...I'm not meant to be there. Luckily in under three weeks I can drive off in my blue mini and never return! 
I know that this post isn't about anything important, but then blogs rarely are right? They're mostly pictures of clothes, food and cats so I can't really go wrong. 
My name's Stephanie Maverick, I'm taking three A Levels at school and am going to East Surrey College Art School when I have finished at my present school. I live in Surrey with my parents, my cats (told you I couldn't go wrong) and my fish. Maverick isn't my real last name, but it's my favourite name from my favourite film with my favourite actor..."Take my breath awaaaaaay" anyone? No?

Shame on you. 

Right now I'm shitting it because my art exam starts tomorrow, and my home ec coursework is due in on Friday. Balls. 
All I can focus on is getting to America in July, as I'm going back to Florida (again) and literally cannot wait. If someone offered me a one-way ticket to America right here and now, I'd take it and never return. It's that one place where I feel truly peaceful and calm, as if I really belong there. 
Belonging is a huge factor in me wanting to leave school, I'm not gunna lie, I do have friends...a lot of friends, but I constantly feel like I'm looking at life through a frosty glass window, it's not where I want to be, and I don't feel like I'm living there, in the moment. That's probably bullshit to most of you right? Right. 

As for my banner background, I love cocktails, I hate alcohol. Mostly. I drink three things only at the moment, Jack Daniels, Dark Caribbean Pirate Rum, and very fruity Rosé Wine. Not the conventional parent's impression of a teenager 'these days'. I'm not conventional, I hate parties and suffer from mild social anxiety which I don't really want to tell anyone about...so that's why I'm putting it up on the web. Smart. 

I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave you know my dear Blogoshphere friends but never fear, "I'll be back" just like Arnie in 'The Terminator'! 

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