Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Naked 2 Palette review

I should apologise for the lacking amount of bloggature that's been going on, some shit's been happening in my life that could turn bad very soon, but anyway back onto a positive note eh?
A week or so ago I did my 'Urban Haul' in which I showed you guys my Naked 2 Palette. I decided to purchase this in the Debenhams sale, for £32.40 rather than £36 which I know isn't much of a reduction, but it's still cheaper! 
When I initially began using this on my eyes I was disappointed, but soon realised that I was using the wrong brush, for these shadows you need to have a stiff/firm brush so that you can pack on the colour, rather than just giving a wash of shimmer. The flat end of the Good Karma brush is quite stiff so is perfect for this palette, or the Sigma E55 which I actually prefer. 
I swatched all of these with my fingers and no primer. 
 Foxy / Half Baked / Bootycall / Chopper
For me, Foxy was a bit of a disappointment. It is a lot more yellowy than I expected it to be but it is super soft and smooth like the other mattes in this palette. On my skin (quite pink toned) this does look quite yellow, but on yellowy tones I'm sure this'd look beautiful. It won't be replacing my MAC Blanc Type. 
Half Baked is B-E-A-UTIFUL! It's a bright, opaque golden with a warm hint of bronze, but not too much. It's unlike the rest of the coppery colours in this pallet, and is definitely one of my favourites. 
In the pan I'd describe Bootycall as a very pale salmon pink with a little shimmer which looks almost matte on the skin. It's super beautiful and would look amazing in a pale bronzed out eye look. 
Chopper contains a LOT of sparkle which I didn't expect but makes it so much more beautiful. I love how deeply rose-gold/copper coloured this shadow is, it's definitely the perfect colour for a more dramatic neutral eye. 
Tease / Snakebite / Suspect / Pistol
Tease is a brilliant neutral matte brown, this is a great crease colour if you use Bootycall on the lids, as it seems a little more fawn/pink toned than I expected. This shadow is extremely matte, but still super smooth and soft as I have come to expect from UD mattes. 
Snakebite was one of the three shades I was most looking forward to, and it totally paid off. Compared to Chopper it is a deep, dark copper/brown and is so beautiful. It looks beautiful on the lid when used alone, you don't even need to add other colours. 
Suspect is a pretty cross-breed of copper and champagne, when swatched and applied to the skin, whereas in the pan its a mauve/champagne colour. 
Pistol is my favourite shadow in this palette it's a stunning metallic grey/brown, it is literally stunning! It's incredibly pigmented, and reflects the same amount of pigmentation contained in Half Baked, I'd describe it as Half Baked's sexy cousin. 
Verve / YDK / Busted / Blackout
Verve is a pretty, bright cool-toned sparkle shadow. It's really pretty and elegant when paired with Suspect and Bootycall, and makes a nice inner-corner/lid colour. 
YDK (You Don't Know/Young Dumb Kids) seems to be a purple/mauve toned copper. It carries the same copper theme that can be seen throughout the palette but has a little more 'depth'. It's only slightly more mauve toned but it is so beautiful! 
Busted is the second purple-toned shadow that I talked about in my 'Urban Haul' I feel that this is a slightly mauve-toned shadow, again, like YDK it has a certain amount of 'depth' that completely sets it apart from other deep brown shadows that I've used before. It's totally beautiful and is the perfect colour to warm up a dark smokey eye. 
Blackout was the matte I was most looking forward to trying out, it's SUPER pigmented and super dark, it's a great alternative to my favourite matte black eyeshadow (Illamasqua's Lestat). This is definitely my favourite matte shadow in this palette and it can be used perfectly in conjunction with Busted in a smokey eye. 
I hope that was an informative review, you can buy the palette here. For what it's worth I really love the colours in this palette, and totally think it's worth the money. I'm going to be doing a review of the lipgloss separately, so that should be coming up soon. There are some seriously pigmented colours in this palette and I'm definitely taking this palette to Florida with me in July! It has a reasonably sized mirror for travel, and the included flat/blending brush makes it literally the PERFECT palette for travelling, and perfect for those summer days and summer nights.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Would you rather? Beauty tag

I first came across this tag on 'The Fashionita Observer' and decided that it looked really fun. I always liked to play would you rather with my friends in school, although the options in those games used to be far more embarrassing or gruesome! 

Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?

Mah goodness, how can someone choose? I think I’d probably go with losing my palettes and eyeshadows, simply because my day-to-day look is eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick. I love my lipstick a little more than my eyeshadow, because I can just throw it on my face, eyeshadow is reserved for the days I have time to concentrate on it. 

Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?

There’s no doubt about this, I’d choose to never be able to cut it again. I am freakishly attached to my hair and don’t think I’d be able to cope with cutting it all off, I’d just have to use a bucket-load of conditioner everyday! 

Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?

Definitely pink. Whilst coral looks nice on me, my natural colouration leans more towards pink/neutral tones and I generally prefer a light, pink touch to my cheeks. 

If you had £1000 to spend, Would you rather buy clothes or makeup?

I’d most definitely choose clothes! I’d buy a few clothes, but probably spend the majority on shoes simply because I’m 100% a footwear freak! 

Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?

Eyeliner as lipstick, there are some pretty awesomely coloured eyeliners out there that’d look wicked on the mouth, I’ve always wanted to try black and red on the lips. Plus, very few lipsticks are eye-safe and I’m not sold on the idea of red eyeliner. 

Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?

MAC simply because I’ve never been to a Sephora and really love MAC lipstick, it’d have to be an amazing company to convince me otherwise against my Ruby Woo or Russian Red lippies. 

Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life?

One lip colour, I wear Ruby Woo and Russian Red as much as possible in my free time because I love the colour red on my face, and the matte looks pretty decent on me compared to shinier lippies. I’d definitely happily rock a red lip everyday. 

Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?

Winter clothes in summer, because I love winter fashion compared to summertime fashion, I prefer to wear jeans to dresses, skirts or shorts. But I do really love summertime wedges and sandals, however I prefer wearing some ‘mazeballs boots in the winter. 

Would you rather dark nails or bright nails all year round?

Dark nails, I’m definitely more inclined towards darker colours within my style choices, and whilst it’s nice to wear a bright colour occasionally, I’ll usually stick with my China Glaze Smoke and Ashes polish year-round. 

Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product?

I’d give up my Maybelline Colour Tattoo’s over my MAC lippies, simply because I feel a lipstick can make your look so much more ‘finished’ in the end, and I don’t mind having baldy eyelids. 

Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a pony tail or a messy bun?

I rarely, if ever, wear my hair up. But if I do, it’s usually a pony tail simply because it’s easier, it’s the style I go for when I work out. But it has to be a really high pony tail. 

Would your rather never being able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?

Never use lipgloss, I rarely use the stuff anyway because I’m a lip-licker (hence the lipstick fascination) and I stopped biting my nails a couple of years ago and haven’t stopped painting them since. Plus, I really like the feeling of looking down and seeing prettily polished nails. 

Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in everyday?

Sharpie them in everyday, as long as it’s a dark brown thin sharpie I’d be fine. I’m one of those people who’d look like a right idiot without eyebrows, some people can really work the no-brow look, I am not one of the lucky few. 

Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?

Makeup. I rarely apply makeup during the week at the moment simply because I’ve become the most lazy beast recently. I usually paint my nails at the weekend ready for the week to come, and then top them up later during the week.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

'Urban' Haul

I know, I know... but Steff you posted a haul yesterday! Well, the rest of the things I ordered online arrived in the mail today and I wanted to share them with y'all! This is called an 'Urban' haul because the items I bought are all from Urban Outfitters and Urban Decay. 

I've needed a new brand of Sea Salt spray since I ran out of my Umberto Giannini sea salt spray, I really loved it but the scent wasn't the best. I really love the pump that is on the top of this canister, rather than a push down one that you get on most spray-type products, this has a squeeze pump like on a spray bottle. It smells great, and gives your hair a whole load of body and texture, I honestly prefer this over the Giannini product. I can't find a link for this exact product as UO seems to be out of stock at the moment, but check out this Beach Babe texturiser instead for the same price (£7).

I've been lusting after some tie dye clothes for a long (LOOONG!) time, and finally bought some tie dye Vans from Urban Outfitters. I'm really pleased with these, I have several pairs of converses and since I bought them (2-3 years ago) my feet have gotten a little wider at the toes. These Vans are the perfect shape for my feet, they are less 'long' like Converses and a  little 'wider'. These are a little darker in colour in person, than on the website. I really like the swirled design on the toes, these set me back £55. 

I always shop the sales at Urban Outfitters, and finally something caught my eye. I'd seen this pair of BDG Wynona Washed Ankle Cigarette Jeans a few months back, but at £65 I really couldn't part with my money. (I'm willing to part with £'s on shoes because I'd rather have really good, stable shoes and cheap clothes rather than expensive clothes and shitty shoes) Luckily, I decided to check out the UO sale, and they had these for £15! That's a £50 reduction, and I used a student 10%off code meaning that they were only £13.50! Happiness!!! I love these jeans, they fit really well and are a little stretchy which I like because it means they fit better. I've never had a pair of studded bottoms before so it's a first.

I found out that Debenhams had a 10% off sale on all their makeup brands (including MAC) which I'd never seen before. So, being the makeup fiend I am, I took advantage of it and bought 2 things I'd been lusting after from Urban Decay. The 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in Bourbon is a beautiful dark brown slightly shimmery/metallic eyeliner. I literally LOVE this pencil, it's so creamy and stays on for ages. Obviously I'll do swatches/reviews etc. of my makeup purchases. I bought this in the 10% sale for £12.60 reduced from £14. 

Yes...I gave in to the Naked thing that seems to haunt all beauty bloggers and YouTubers. I decided on the Naked 2 palette because I found that the Naked 1 had two blue-toned shades at the end of the palette, and on my eye colour blue looks horrible. I found that a couple of the shades in this palette were purple-tones, and purple looks brilliant on my eyes so I went for this one. I thought that the packaging would be great for travel, and I really wanted to try Blackout. I got this for £32.40 in the sale rather than £36.

I'm really happy with my purchases, and since I'll be taking all but the jeans to Florida, I consider it pretty a shopping kinda way. 
I'm aiming to buy some cheap trainers that look like Vans and customising them (DIY tutorial), and maybe customising some denim shorts too in the future. 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Topshop Haul

I'm buying loads of things for when I go to Florida now, because it means that I just have to save my money during July before I go away - This makes sense to me. So as you can see, my camera cable arrived, hence the much better quality picture! 
I decided to buy some new pyjamas for Florida, because we're going in the height of summer and my striped flannel PJ bottoms will bake me alive. I bought a plain, bright purple bikini for the swimming pool and finally I bought bright green socks with sloths on them...Sloth socks! 

I saw this PJ set and immediately knew I had to have it, I'm a huge dino-nerd (put a dinosaur on anything and I'll want it) and a huge Jurassic Park fan. Its an oversized shirt so that it's nice and loose in bed, the shorts are small dolphin shorts. They are grey with bright pink detailing, the combo together looks super cool, whilst I'm in Florida I'm having a load of sleepovers so thought this ensemble would be perfect! Also, if you have room service it doesn't matter if your in you pyjamas because these are bad-ass! These were only £18 which I think is pretty good. 

I love clothes with animals on (I'll probably end up being one of those old ladies that wears jumpers with cats on) and once I found these I knew I must have them. They were £3.50 and I'm pretty sure there's some kinda deal on Topshop where you can buy 3 pairs of socks for £8, these don't seem to be on the site anymore but you can find similar ones here and here

I bought my first bikini of the year! It's this bright purple padded tie-up top with side-ruched bottoms. This is probably my favourite one I've ever bought as I've never had a plain one before. What I like about this is that you can buy a whole load of different colours like teal, pink, yellow, blue and orange as well as purple and combine them in different ways. I'm thinking of purchasing the pink top and the teal bottoms. You can choose between three different styles of tops and two different styles of bottoms, one top is a triangle un-padded top and the other top is a halter neck bandeau and the bottoms have ties on the side. I really like how the ties on the end of the top are finished off with little gold squares, it gives it a more polished look. 

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Adorable snow Horse

Just found this and I thought I would share it, this was taken way back in March, it was the day before my birthday (my 18th birthday was snowed off school YAY!!!) and the Rents and I went for a country walk. I found this little horse with a lump of snow stuck to his nose...sweetness! 

Monday, 13 May 2013

Lee Stafford Hair Growth formulas

I, like many people have the problem that my hair never seems to grow past a certain length. With this exact problem in mind I was thrilled to come across Lee Stafford's hair growth products in Boots one day. I decided on the 'Treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length' and 'Hair Growth shampoo'. So this post is just to let y'all know that I'm starting on this project to get my hair down past by boobs (ooer) before my Orlando holiday in July. I used to have super long hair, but had it cut short into a long, messy mullet last summer. 

This is how long my hair is now, again, I apologise for the shitty image quality. My new USB cable for my good camera should be coming this week, but we'll have to make do for now. I'll post check-ins every 2 weeks or so. 
Check out Emma's post on this product here, her changes have been magical! 

Spring Scents

Every season I switch out my perfumes for scents that I feel match the season, I have a cream vintage bird cage on my vanity that I place my seasonly collection in. I usually have a couple of season appropriate scents and then a couple of sexy, musky scents that I wear out to dinner. (Please excuse the over-use of indie filters...I'm beginning to really love them (guilty face)) 

Wonderstruck is the first perfume by Taylor Swift and is literally the perfect scent for the springtime. It's light and floral and will stick around for about 3 hours, but fades after that. I'll usually wear this for school because it's such a pretty scent but it does fade quite considerably over the day. The bottle is really, really pretty. It's a mid-bluebell colour and contains thousands of specs of holographic glitter. The cap is gold and nicely detailed, and the charms (dove, star and cage) are all permanently attached to the bottle.  I received this as  a gift from my grandparents for Christmas. Here is what it is supposed to smell like "a charming gourmand – floral with sparkling fruity tones on a wooden background. The top notes are raspberry, dewberry, green tea, freesia and apple blossom. The heart features sweet vanilla along with sundrenched honeysuckle and white hibiscus. Notes of golden amber, musk, sandalwood and peach are in the base." You wanna fit anything else in there? 

Thierry Mugler's Womanity is my perfect musky perfume, it's a deep, sexy scent that lasts for a really long time. I like wearing this out to dinner, it's my go-to spring evening/event perfume and I've gotten loads of compliments on it! This sticks around for about 4 hours which is perfect for a night on the town. The bottle is clear and has a robotic/dystopian feel to it, the glass is oval in shape and the bottle itself is very tall. At the top is the cap and detailing you can see in the picture. The chains running down the back actually attach the cap to the silver plating on the bottle, so you'll never lose it! "natural aromas of fig for sweet accords. Savory notes originate from caviar and the structure in ensured by fig wood aromas."

Prada: Candy is hugely disputed, some love it, some hate it. I am one who loves it (can you see how much I've used up?) and I've had it for just over a year I think. I really love the chic design of this bottle, it's so simple. The glass has a warm golden tone to it, all the metal accents are gold, the pink part looks like quilting and the spray part is black with gold accents. I like how this bottle doesn't have a lid, so you don't have to bother with that, you can just spritz away! It has a beautiful sweet scent, I admit it took me a while to get used to it but once on the wrist for a couple of minutes it smells much nicer. "The composition includes an elegant mix of musks in the top, a sensual balsamic vanillic accord of benzoin in the heart and sweet modern caramel in the base of the fragrance" .It really does smell sugary, caramel and candy-like. Sweet. 

I'm not fond of body sprays or body mists, I'm very much a perfume person. However, after being given this Soap & Glory fragrance last Christmas by a friend, I figured I may as well try it and OHMYLANTA! This smells so good, and it is a little moisturising. I think that the moisturising complex would have better effect on someone who wasn't born with permanent baby's skin, but this smells brilliant! You can definitely smell soft fruity notes, it's a little peachy which is good because that's my favourite fruit. I Girligo as a body mist/fragrance rather than a moisturiser. 

I hope this gave you some ideas as to what kind of scents you want to pick up for this spring, my friend Emma over at Anchors Away Beauty recently did her own favourite scents post. Have a fabulous springtime, let's pray that this shitty weather doesn't carry on much longer. 

I only have 2 weeks left until I'm done with school forever!!!

That Abercombie & Fitch thing

Everyone knows whats going on with Abercrombie & Fitch...and if you don't, basically their CEO's a douchebag. 
Mike Jeffries (please let's remember that this guy is 68) the CEO of the world-wide clothing store Abercrombie & Fitch. He's quoted as only wanting "cool kids" and "thin, beautiful people" shopping in his shops, and thinks that A&F is aimed at 18-22 year olds. I think someone needs to grab this guy by the shoulders until he has some sense shaken back into his head. 

I bought some Abercrombie joggers back when I was about 12-14 years old, it's obvious that you generally grow out of things. And I feel that many people grow out of Abercrombie by at least 17, especially since there are much cooler brands like Superdry out now, and high-street brands are offering the 'sporty casual' look at a much lower price
The only things I have with the word Abercrombie on them are a pair of burgundy jogging bottoms with a million holes in them, and a hoodie. Both of which are fakes bought in Turkey by a friend as a present. 
The CEO doesn't want "core customers" to see fat people in his clothing, he wants his customers to feel like their one of the "cool kids". NO JEFFRIES NO! 

Here is a direct quote from Jeffries - "Because good-looking people attract other good-looking people, and we want to market to cool, good-looking people. We don't market to anyone other than that.In every school there are the cool and popular kids, and then there are the not-so-cool kids. Candidly, we go after the cool kids. We go after the attractive all-American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. A lot of people don't belong [in our clothes], and they can't belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely."

I, just can't. He makes me so freaking mad! Abercrombie in the UK at least, is nowhere near as fashionable as it once was, people are more aware of online shopping, deals and brilliant high-street brands that offer top-quality designs. Basically, Jeffries, people know your shit's shit. 

There are readily available men's clothes in XL and XXL sizes, but these are designed solely to fit the "muscle bulk of strapping sportsmen", but will easily fit pot-bellied 40 year old men too!!! Do you not see this? They may be designed for hot american football players, but bigger guys can and will still buy them, you can't stop someone from buying something from your shop! 

In my opinion Jeffries should just roll with the times, America and the UK are getting bigger, and your target market is getting smaller. I think I sold an Abercrombie T at a car boot last month... yeah, your shit's going down, it's just not as 'fashionable' as it once was. This 68 year old man thinks that he's cool...He doesn't even go here! 

Now I'm going to insert my favourite YouTube video on the subject, Trisha completely sums up my opinion on this idiot. 


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Random Ramblings #2

  • Today I have done nothing, at all, really nothing. I was planning on setting up my this I mean actually taking a picture of me in some non-sleepwear clothes and posting it.
  • Didn't change out of my PJ's all day, this is why the above point never happened. 
  • Handed in my Home Ec coursework on Friday, and know that there's a fuckton I haven't done. 
  • Dreading my English Coursework result tomorrow, I've worked my freaking socks off on that coursework! 
  • I haven't done any homework, and am finally happy that I only have 3 A2 Level subjects. 
  • Currently watching someone line a tart case with shitty pastry on Come Dine with Me. 
  • Will be uploading a baking tutorial next week, as it's Mutti's (Mum's) birthday on the 23rd so that should happen...50th birthday cake. HELLO!
  • I am currently looking into buying some identification bracelets like in the top picture. 

Woollyton collection

Over the past half year or so I have been collecting necklaces from a cute online boutique called Woollyton. The owner and creator of the shop is Tawnie, and I can tell you now that they have some of the BEST customer service I have ever experiences. 
What I love is that you can create your own necklace by just sending her a request, and they don't cost any more than the readymade necklaces! I thought I'd share some of the amazing pieces I've purchased from Woollyton, it really is one of the best online shops I've ever used! 

This is the raggedy bear necklace, all the bears retail for around $18.50, even the custom ones. I received this as a gift from my Rents for christmas last year. I like the copper coloured shading on this bear, and think that it gives it a little 'something else'. I also like all the stitching on this and the zombie bear. 

This is a dark teal starfish necklace, you can find a similar one here. This is one of my favourites and I plan on wearing it to Sea World, Orlando. I like how sparkly this necklace is, it looks as if it's coated in flecks of water. This cost $16.50. 

I specially requested this planet necklace, I think it was around $15 and is in orange and magenta. I like the added star detail, and I love how everything has a smiley face...sweetness! 

I purchased this necklace for the summertime, it's a sweet little panda ice-cream necklace (kawaii) and it has a bow-tie! I can't find the exact same one but there are a few variations up on the website, like this one. These necklaces retail at $18. 

This is the zombie bear necklace, I think that Tawnie has changed the shade of green she uses, but I'm not 100% certain, as this was in my first ever order from Woollyton. This is basically a creepy green version of the raggedy bear necklace.

This octopus necklace is the only heart shaped necklace from Woollyton that I own. It has the same star as the planet that I previously talked about. I like how the heart looks like it's covered in little sequins but in reality its just a load of fine glitter! You can find a similar one here on sale for $15! 

This was also in my first order from Woollyton, it's a pink glittery bear with a little red heart. I wanted something a little more simple. This is a custom necklace, meaning you get to choose the colour of the bear, the colour of the heart and whether you want the bear to be happy or sad. 

This is 100% my FAVOURITE necklace that I've ever purchased from Woollyton. Its a custom design that I had to email Tawnie for. A bright red base bear with a black heart, white fangs and evil eyebrows. I've loved vampires since Justin Somper's 'Vampirates' first released, and this cute little necklace lets me indulge occasionally! 

Again, this is another custom order I made alongside the vampire bear. It's a pale blue base with a daisy instead of a heart and a huge amount of glitter. This is a perfect 'springtime bear' necklace, and I'm looking forward to wearing it more this season! 

Return of the Dungarees

Dungarees were ridiculously popular back in the 90's and you'll definitely remember it being 'cool' to have one strap attached and one not attached if you were a kid back then, I liked to think that it gave me the 'I don't give a shit' look. They left when people got more into two-piece outfits like shorts, jeans and skirts, and then came the playsuit...which people refused to admit was basically a fuller less denim version of dungarees and now, in 2013 the dungarees are rising again! 

Basically, this post is to show you guys some of my favourite sets of dungarees on the market, as I will certainly be purchasing some for my Florida holiday in July and my Nordic vacation in August, and be rocking them a la Amber from Amber Love

(I must apologise now for the lack of 'self' photos. I've taken some pictures with my Finepix camera, only to realise I have completely misplaced (lost) the USB cable for it and there's no memory card slot in my MacBook. Therefore, y'all will have to put up with crappy iPhone imagery until next week when my replacement cable arrives) 

Onto the top 5 pics for the 'Return of the Dungarees' this year. I've tried to pick an assortment, some bright, some stone washed and some dark so that there's something for everyone! 

Above are the mid-wash denim dungarees from River Island, and these sell for £30. I really like the double layered pocket on the chest piece of the dungarees, and the copper colouring on the clasps. The worn pieces on the legs add an air of informality which would be great for romping around theme parks all summer, or going for a fun day out. 

Above are the MOTO Bleached denim dungarees sold in Topshop for £38. These are at the more expensive end of the spectrum compared to the rest of the dunga sets, these have a loose and baggy boy-fit about them, and the stone wash gives a lighter colour to a denim piece. The waist on these is higher than on the River Island set which I like, and the legs are a little longer than any of the other sets that I'm featuring. So if you want to cover up a little more one day, I think that these generally carry more fabric than the others. 

This set is the Parisian Navy Front-buttoned dungas. A cool feature of these is the strange colour, I've seen a lot of dark-washed dungaree sets but none with this cool bleached contouring that the New Look set boasts. I think that these are a more unique version of just a plain denim set of dungarees. The front-buttoning is a curious detail, and I think that these could look really cool if a couple of the top buttons were undone, this adds a few more customisation options to the dungas. You can buy these in New Look for £24.99. 

I think that these would be SUPER APPROPRIATE for the airplane on the way to 'murica don't you? I've picked these out because Americana is rocking this year's stores and there are so many great Americana pieces out there, I'm a huge fan of Americana. These are on MissGuided and are £29.99. I think that pairing these with a plaint white T-shirt or thick-strapped vest top and vans or converses would be the perfect spring/summer outfit and would look super casual. 

Above are the Esme Dip dyed dungarees from BooHoo, and these are a mere £25! I usually wouldn't go for a brightly coloured piece of denim like these, but when I saw the bright blue and the bubblegum pink dip I couldn't resist. Again pairing these with a basic T would be your safest bet, or smarten them up for an evening out, with a shirt! These are also available with a dark blue dip dye, which looks like you've been wading through water which is pretty cool! 

I know that these won't suit everyone's style, but I tried to get enough in there. I chose a couple of basic denim dungas because they can be styled easier, and I want this spring/summer to be all about casual and easy dressing! Once I finish school on the 24th you probably will never see me in a shirt again...I'm taking art at UNI. 

My final thing I wanted to share with y'all was this freaking amazing playsuit, it's from MissGuided, I've never liked a playsuit as much as this. It contains two of my favourite colours, lavender and mint! I'm really loving bustiers for this summer, and high-waisted bottoms are always fashionable throughout the warmer months.
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